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Calling all parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, and anyone else with young people in their life, join us and Mountain Pride for a discussion of how to be a more supportive adult to young trans people, with help from the book “My Child is Trans, Now What A Joy-Centered Approach to Support.” This book offers a judgement-free guide to people across generations, from millennial parents to members of older generations who may not have had previous positive exposure to the trans community. Everyone is welcome even if you haven’t read the book yet, there will be plenty to talk about and plenty of snacks!

As a full-time public speaker specializing in spreading awareness and understanding of the transgender community, what Ben Greene hears most from parents and loved ones is the phrase “I’m sorry.” They’re sorry for using the wrong word, sorry for asking an offensive question, sorry for not knowing this already, sorry for asking a question at all. The combination of exhaustion from trans people who have become their community’s designated educator and the growing trend of “canceling” anyone who says anything wrong has created a culture where people who have good hearts and minimal access to information are so afraid to make a mistake they don’t even try. Greene focuses on providing two key resources in this book: information and emotional support. He explains what to expect, what systems exist to support trans youth, and what loved ones can do to help. Using a combination of personal stories and experiences, definitions, and additional resources, My Child is Trans, Now What? is an essential guide for anyone looking to help trans youth thrive.