Read with Pride | July

July 24 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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Read With Pride & Happy Endings Duo Book Club!

Wednesday, July 24, 2024 – 5:30pm

Our Read With Pride Book Club and Happy Endings Book Club are meeting together to celebrate diverse love stories with happy endings! The book club will read and discuss “Triple Sec,” the story of a jaded bartender who is wooed by a charmingly quirky couple in this fresh and sizzling polyamorous rom-com, set in the glamorous world of high-end cocktail bars. Everyone is welcome even if you haven’t finished the book; there will be plenty to discuss and plenty of snacks!

Triple Sec Cover Image

As a bartender at Terror & Virtue, a swanky New York City cocktail lounge known for its romantic atmosphere and Insta-worthy drinks, Mel has witnessed plenty of disastrous dates. That, coupled with her own romantic life being in shambles, has Mel convinced love doesn’t exist. Everything changes when Bebe walks into the bar. She’s beautiful, funny, knows her whiskeys-and is happily married to her partner, Kade. Mel’s resigned to forget the whole thing, but Bebe makes her a unique offer: since she and Kade have an open marriage, she’s interested in taking Mel on a date. What starts as a fun romp turns into a burgeoning relationship, and soon Mel is trying all sorts of things she’d been avoiding, from grand romantic gestures to steamy exploits. Mel even gets the self-confidence to enter a cocktail competition that would make her dream of opening her own bar a reality. In the chaotic whirl of all these new experiences, Mel realizes there might be a spark between her and Kade, too. As Bebe, Kade, and Mel explore their connections, Mel begins to think that real love might be more expansive than she ever thought possible.

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