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This workshop is designed for any adult with an LGBTQ+ youth in their lives. Parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers, and others can benefit from the content. Q is for Questioning is a series of three interactive workshops that are facilitated by a licensed clinician.

Envision:You is excited to launch Q is for Questioning in Summit County in partnership with Mountain Pride! This set of workshops is designed to help trusted adults (parents, guardians, coaches, teachers, social workers, and others) who live with, work with, and/or mentor LGBTQ+ youth help create more affirming environments and relationships for the youth they care about. We ask that all attendees commit to attending all three workshops, on October 4, October 11, and October 18, 2023, all from 6 pm to 8 pm MST. There is limited availability for each workshop series, so please only register if you believe you can join us. If you want to attend, but have a conflict for one or more workshop sessions, please email q.info@envision-you.org, and a staff member will respond to discuss with you!